List Of Common Social Problems in Nigeria

Common Social Problems in Nigeria

Common Social Problems in Nigeria

Common Social Problems in Nigeria

Nigeria as a country is faced with a lot of social, economic , cultural and environmental problems with out a suitable and proven solutions to tackle them. This problems can be traceback from it’s pre-independance till date. Here we will be focusing more on it’s social problems

Common social problems in Nigeria

1. Examination Malpractice

This is one of the indecent, dishonest, corrupt or sharp practices of national disaster done by people of connected with examination in Nigeria.

According to Nigeria popular scholar Ojayinka who describe examination malpractice as misconduct or improper practice in any examination with the self view of obtaining good mark or result.

Examination malpractice can take plan anywhere which include class room test, practical lab, and Examination halls through fraudulent and illegal action against the investigation code.

Examination malpractice is unacceptable behavior displayed by candidates, supervisor and investigator with or without examination ethics considered ore rules and regulations.

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Examination malpractice like any corrupt practice is responsible for turning out half backed and incompetent school graduate at different levels who come out as certificated illiterates. No wonder Nigeria graduate are not employable.

In Nigeria today quacks are all over the professional bodies like law, building engineering, teaching, doctor etc with or little skills to offer to the nationa which have stunted our growth and development as a nation.

Forms of Examination Malpractice in Nigeria

There are different forms of examination malpractice in Nigeria today starting from the top to the down.
This forms include the following


This is just the act or type of malpractice were candidates can bribe the invigilator or supervisor in other to help him score a good mark in the exercise or Examination.


This is one usually popular among higher level students including the so called PhD holders in Nigeria.

Smuggling in an answer scripts

This usually happens in higher institution were candidate can illegally have the answer before the Questions paper are even sharesmd by the invigilator.

Assault on Examination officer

This is common practice during Final year exams including WAEC and NECO.

Use of miracle centers

This another licence malpractice institution where a group of individual offers easy service for students to illegal passes an Examination without reading or knowing the idea of what they are writing.

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Use of Mobile Phone in the Examination hall

This a modern and another disadvantages of technology so far, students go inside hall with a set of phone making it easy for them to find quality answers from Google.


This can be defined as s an association or groups or body whose activities are know to their members only. They operate with signs and symbols that makes meaning to them. Non-members are always ignorant of these signs and symbols. The admonition, initiation for evil activities.

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